Monday, January 28, 2008


Whew! It has been a full day! We didn't get much sleep last night, because Nehemiah was up until 2:30am trying to acclimate to a new environment (at Aaron and Susan's), and then he was up again at 6:30! We left for home around 11:30 this morning. But a trip to a BIG city ;) isn't complete without some stops at our favorite haunts. We stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up a few culinary delights, including this awesome garlic and herb pizza dough...yum! We also went to Noodles and Company for lunch, where Ben and I both had dishes with an Asian flair...Ben had Japanese Noodles, and I had a red curry dish, and we each had some tasty flat bread. Nehemiah enjoyed the break from sitting in his car seat.

Then we drove awhile longer, and when we hit the next city, we went to Once Upon a Child and got a few things for a steal of a deal...a mobile for Nehemiah's crib (which doesn't spin...yet--it lights up and plays music, and looks really cute, but doesn't really move--I'll see what I can do), a car seat bunting, one pair of pjs and a construction puzzle. Next was TJ Maxx. We got a Calphalon bread pan for half off, because, in our experience, they turn out the best loaves, and almost all of our recipes make 2 loaves, and we only had 1 pan. AND, we found Maltby a brand new, fully washable, microsuede dog bed there too; which is important because our pup is a bed wetter--nobody's perfect, eh? These stops served double purpose. At this point Nehemiah was thoroughly unimpressed with the ride. It didn't get much better when we strapped him in after our break, but he did fall asleep soon after.

At the next city--you know, the one we normally go to...not the town, but the city, ;) we hit the NAPA auto part shop and Ben fixed the dome light in my car! What a guy! It hasn't worked properly since we bought the car, and to tell you the truth, I didn't have much hope for it, because I think it is the 3rd time we've tried to do something about it. It makes it really tough to buckle a baby in blind though. Ben got the correct voltage of light bulb and the right amps for the fuse, and it shines like a star!

We picked up Maltby and thrilled him with his new bed and bones and Ben made an excellent Pepperoni Pizza with our Trader Joe's crust and I played with the baby. I tried to put him to bed about and hour and a half ago, and guess who's peepers I still see? I think this trip really threw off his sleep schedule; uugh! A small price to pay for such a fun-filled mini-vacay.

Ben got the taxes done tonight too-wow...he's been busy! I feel like I've hardly done anything, but it takes a bunch of time and energy to take care of a moody little one.

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