Friday, January 25, 2008


Yesterday I was a hero of the super variety; I had a cape and everything. You see, last summer, I was in a Beth Moore Bible Study called "Believing God." While we were studying, one of my friends said that it made her feel like a super hero, and we all agreed. The next week, she had capes for us. :) While I was cleaning yesterday, I rediscovered my cape.

When Ben came home, I was playing a little Link's Crossbow Training on our Wii, shooting all the bad guys. He laughed when he saw me. There I was wearing a cape saying *Armed and Dangerous--I'm Believing God* and shooting the place up!

I know what you're thinking...impressive! Yeah, me too. ;)


brentandsarah said...

that is awesome.

Peter said...

speaking of the wii, we were finally able to find one for the actual recommended price. We have been having a ball (no pun intended) bowling, playing tennis, cow racing, etc.

I also got a really mellow game called "Endless Ocean" It doesn't really have a point, you just scuba dive and catalog animals on a large reef. Very pretty. Very good after a tough day at work.

That, and I'm on the list for one of the first copies of Super Mario Kart when that comes out. I'm really hoping we can play that over the wifi!

felicitouschick said...

Cool! The Endless Ocean game sounds really neat. I guess we'll have to get on the Mario Kart list too! :) I love it that you guys got one too. It is very fun.