Monday, January 21, 2008

Another teacher tale

Today seems to have been pretty run-of-the-mill, so I am going to tell a funny teacher story. I had a student who was mocking some of the special education students in our class. We were observing him for a placement also, though I'm not sure he'd caught on to that just yet. Anyhow, he was working on what was supposed to be a partner assignment, but his partner was sick that day. He was having an incredibly difficult time focusing and finishing any of his report. I told him that I thought he could finish just one page before our time was through, and he looked up at me and said, "Mrs. Frank I've got DSL in a Comcast World!" I tried to stifle my giggles, and I asked him if that meant he was slow, trying to make a teachable moment regarding some of the other students, but his retort was quick; "I did NOT say Dial-up!" Kids say the darnedest things, eh? ;)

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