Thursday, January 3, 2008


Do you ever pick up fun phrases from friends, sort of without realizing it? Or sometimes by making a conscious effort to use their "catch phrases"? I find myself doing this often, probably because I love interesting words. I remember when I was dating Ben, I thought it was so cute when he said "spendy" instead of pricey or expensive.

My newest phrase is going to be "bizzo." I love it! I have an Australian friend that uses that term, and it was something I hadn't heard before. It is essentially a shorter, less formal version of business. Example: "Let's get together for a planning session and talk over all of the baby shower bizzo." :P

What are the phrases/terms you've picked up? I'll share more as I think of them.

Here's one that makes me giggle: Totally tongue-in-cheek--when I do something worth celebrating: "Tick, tick, tick, BOOM! I'm the bomb!"

And another: "Flarbing"/to flarb--totally relaxing Ex: "I felt sick on Tuesday, so I flarbed around all day and watched movies."

Oh...this one is too funny. When Ben was an Army Ranger, there was a sergeant trying to motivate one of his soldiers to pass a marksmanship challenge. He yelled at the soldier: "Who's the party that rocks the party soldier?!" and he required the soldier to yell back, "I'm the party that rocks the party, Sir!" The sergeant did this over and over again until his soldier had been sufficiently pumped up to go master his objective. Totally hilarious!


brentandsarah said...

I get the joke about the 101.7, you'll have to excuse me, I'm a little slow;) Some phrases I use, I like to say "getting jiggy with it." But I'm told thats not cool anymore. Also, I'm a big fan of "word to your mother." What else can I say except that I'm a big dork who is maybe a little stuck in the eighties. :) Hope Miah is feeling better!

felicitouschick said...

This is why you are my friend! I LOVE your phrases, and I must admit that I have been know to use them a few times as well...what, "gettin' jiggy with it" isn't cool anymore? Someone forgot to tell me! Who makes those rules anyway?!