Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Feeling Crunchy?

"I do believe that I am turning into a Granola Mama!" I say as my cloth diapers are in the wash and my butternut and acorn squashes are cooking away and softening up to be pureed into baby food. :) Growing up, I guess I thought I would be pretty convenience driven, but 2 things are the primary cause for my new found crunch--#1 these things are better for our environment than "disposable society" and #2 they are better at saving me money! Both of which make me feel like they are better stewardship decisions for our family, especially since I am staying at home, so I have the time.

I tell you, Nehemiah is going to be eating better than us! Today Nehemiah actually kept some sweet potatoes in his system instead of raspberry-ing them all over the place. Baby steps, I say, baby steps!

Guilty confession time? Sometimes I sneak a bite of his pureed sweet potatoes...Dang! Those things are yummy! I'll probably try the squash out too. Maybe it will help me start to eat a little healthier. Half for the baby and half for me.

That would help out with that live a healthier lifestyle resolution I made. Here are some other helps I'm going to try for the exercising portion of that resolution. I am going to try to remember that I am doing this for my health, not necessarily so that my body shape will change. In the past I have become so frustrated that I am not showing the progress I want that I have given up, so this seems logical. And a neat idea I'm going to try is to write when I exercise down on the calendar, and stick $1 in a jar each time. Then at the end of the month, whatever I have earned is fun money! It can't be more than $30 a month, and my suspicion is that is will be more like $20, but you've got to start somewhere. I'm hoping I can stay motivated with this plan. Any other good tips from my peanut gallery?

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Zoe said...


This may appeal to the elementary school teacher in you--- I bought some colored star stickers and would put them on my calendar for every 30 minutes that I worked out. At the end of three months where I had met my goal, I could do something--- one year I bought new sneakers--- the key was that my reward was active, not something that took me off track, like an ice cream sundae. The stars were surprisingly motivating to me--- to see a week filled with the stars made me want to earn another/maintain my streak.