Thursday, January 24, 2008


My husband is a junkie...a carmex junkie! I was expressing this sentiment to a friend the other day, and she said that she knew why. She said that they put fiberglass in Carmex to cut your lips with teeny tiny cuts so that you can't get enough of it because the stuff gets in your blood stream, AND your lips never heal when you use it. Well, my source is uber knowledgeable about all things beauty AND I know that they do that with some kinds of dip--one of those lovely things you learn hanging out with a bunch of Army seems like 3 out of 5 dip that stuff-Eeew! Look out before you drink out of a pop can at any of those BBQs!

Anyway, I told Ben when I got home, and like any addict, he was in denial. He said that it wasn't possible, and that he would keep right on using until I could prove it. Well, I went where I always go when I suspect and urban legend--I went to

It turns out that while Ben may be a carmex junkie, I am a sucker for the good ole' fashioned Urban Legend. ;)

Aww, the stuff marriages are made of! :P


Zoe said...

God bless you for going to Snopes! That is my one-stop shop when I hear something outlandish, and I recommend it to everyone. I'm enjoying keeping up on your life this way--- thanks for your dedication!

Much love,

felicitouschick said...

Thanks for leaving a note! It always makes me smile. :) I'll look for your blog if/when you start. I bet yours would be great! Love you back,