Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Speakin' my language!

Today my friend Megan and I took an unexpected trip into town. It was such a treat! Literally! She treated lunch and a fun new shirt for my Christmas present. It's nice to feel special like that. :) We had both babies in tow, and all things considered, or trip was pretty great!

Does it seem weird to any of you that the trip was impactful (I think that's a word) for me? I read Gary Chapman's Five Languages of Love a few years ago, and learned that for some people that wouldn't be as big of a deal. BUT, I learned that my primary love language is gifts. At first I was a little ashamed, because I thought it made me greedy, but then as I continued to read, I realized that it developed some from family dynamics, and some from my personality. I have learned that it doesn't even have to be something that costs money. It could be a flower or a sample of something, or anything like that, but it reminds me that whoever gives the gift has thought of me sometime on their way. And it goes both ways, because I love to pick up little things for people along my way too. Just some musings. :)

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