Sunday, January 13, 2008

One giant step for Mommy...

One relieved Daddy, and 2 better rested parents! We turned off the baby monitor last night! Whoa...I know; that was huge. ;) I have been getting up so much lately, and I read that at about 6 months it is okay to turn off the monitor, because you'll hear them crying (which is sure true--we share a wall and a closet) if they really need you, but you won't hear them all of the little times they wake up in between and could put themselves back to sleep. It also sounds like if I kept running in there for much longer, Nehemiah would come to expect it, and that would not work too well, because man, I have been dragging! Anyway, I am a little attached at the hip to that thing. We are still using it for naptimes, but I did sleep much better last night.

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brentandsarah said...

Bravo! Its hard to turn off the moniter, but it is definately a good choice! You will thank yourself when you won't be getting up with him in the night when he is two! I did that and am really glad. I had fun with you guys tonight!