Friday, January 4, 2008

God is SWEET!

Not that I have heard that as a way to describe the Almighty before, but why not?! It was a fun day, and we were blessed with exciting happenings--it's all in the little things. Ben got a Christmas gift--a gadget for his gun (oh joy, oh bliss! Seriously, y'all should see the way he lights up at those accessories)! And my brand new, gorgeous Cherry Red 8Gig iPod Nano arrived via FedEx. Apple had a $100 off sale on their previous generation models, and I had frivolous Christmas money to spend. This thing is SO fun! We charged it and loaded it up, and took it with us into the "big" town near us.

On the way we were able to use a gift certificate from a new, local bakery. When we were in the hospital after Nehemiah was born, it came in the hospital gift basket. It was for a free smoothie and cookie. The funnest thing happened...I was all set for a cookie, but when I got in there, the clerk said that all of the cookies had been purchased 30 minutes earlier. She went to talk to the owner to see what she should do, and in the end, I had free pick of any of the delicious looking confections. I was stuck between these yummy, caramel brownie treats and the "Better than Sex" cake. These things looked really good, and they were huge. My curiosity got the best of me, I have to say, and I attempted the cake. I suppose I wouldn't have given it that name, but it was delightful. There was enough of that and my Mango Smoothie to split with Ben.

We ran to Target to pick up some necessary supplies, like Concentrated Tylenol Infant Drops. That stuff is like liquid gold in the little town nearby. $11.49 for 1 oz! I think we paid just under $7 today--bless Target!

Then we went to Kohl's because I had some in-store credit and Ben needed some work shoes. While he checked out the work shoes, I wandered around, and I found the clearance iPod accessories. There was a Belkin Nano FM transmitter that I had seen really good reviews of, but it was $79.99 and the sale was only 10-25% off. I didn't see it on the sale sign, so I took it to customer service with another like item to get it price checked. The packaging was also really beat up, so I thought I might talk a manager into giving me a better deal on it. The lady who scanned it said that it was $15.60! I was shocked, but after I double checked to make sure that she hadn't said $50.60, I walked to the front, bought my accessory and fairly pranced out of the store--ask Ben, he'll tell you. Ben hadn't found his shoes, so it was off to the mall. He did find what he was looking for there. He bought a pretty basic pair of black Docs. I love my Docs that I bought back when I had money and no familial obligations (aka: college student, living at home, working a steady part time job). They are great shoes, so I understand the price. Ben's feet have been giving him a tough time, so we sprung for the good stuff--hopefully they'll last out the year. That guy goes through shoes; I'm telling you! If they only last a year it will be comparable to the 2-3 pairs of clearance running shoes we usually buy.

Anyway, then we ran to BestBuy, because I don't want my new iPod to lose its luster! I took a look around, and while I wanted a clear case with a carribener to showcase my little beauty and keep it close to me at all times, there was no such luck. I did find some very functional, cute pink silicon cases for, get this, $1.99 on clearance. I figure for under 20 bucks, I scored over a $100 in accessories today. Which is good, because though it is nice to splurge with Christmas money, it is better not to splurge on gifts for the Christmas gift with one's regular fundage. :)

Anyway, add to that that I actually beat Ben a few games out of a series in our Wii game, Link's Crossbow Training (that NEVER happens--I mean shooting was his profession for years), and that Nehemiah is sleeping well and has knocked his fever out, and you have an all around stellar day.

Oh, the question for comment today is: What should I name my new Nano? I thought of "Little Red," "Cherry," "Cherry Pie," "Hot Stuff," and "Val," as in Valentine, but I really haven't decided. Any new offerings, or do you like one of the others? Let me know.

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