Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stressed spelled backwards and all that

So, we got a brand spankin' new refrigerator delivered to our house is GORGEOUS! We love it, but true to Murphy's Law, our year-old spiffy Kenmore Front Loader washing machine broke today. I think it is a computer issue, which means Ben can't fix it--uugh! It seems like you save and spend money on one big purchase and then something else (unexpected) goes. :( Oh well, the repair guy will come tomorrow to tell us what the damage is.

Ben was frustrated after futzing with the washer for a few hours, and he had several hours of homework to accomplish, so he sent the babe and I to Dairy Queen. He really wanted a DQ cake, but those are expensive, so I made a Hot Fudge Cake and we got a quart of DQ Softserve to go with it, and added some Caramel Sauce we already had. I think it was close to as good as the cake would have been, and at least $10 less expensive.

After our yummy dessert, Nehemiah required a bath--and a mohawk. He just looks so stinkin' cute with one that I couldn't resist!

After I got him contented in his pjs and off to bed, I embarked on a craft project. I was browsing blogs earlier today (sadly I cannot remember the original) and found one where a mom made little stuffed frogs for her childrens' Easter baskets. She linked over to this tutorial, which has a pattern ready to print and super easy instructions. If it takes me less than 3 hours, it must be easy! Didn't my froggy friend come out cute?

Friday, March 28, 2008


I can literally see Nehemiah's brain growing before my eyes. Maybe it is that latent teacher in me. Or, maybe it is just the proud Mama; though I don't know many other mamas that forget to record the 3rd tooth, but rush to the calendar to scribble down that her baby crossed his midline for the first time! (That was several months ago, by the way)

In the past few days, Nehemiah has really learned to look for things you hide. I have been sneaking things under blankies when he is looking and when he isn't, and he has gotten really good at finding them! Today he even found a sunshine in this little Velcro envelope it hides in, and all of the toys in his mailbox. He opened them up and pulled them out proudly. I was impressed!
The other exciting occurrence of the day? We were reading some books before naptime this afternoon, and HE TURNED THE PAGES! Yeehaw--my little reader! I am so proud! *Beams*

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nighty night

Our bedtime routine is pretty standard. Put on the pjs, turn down the lights and on the night light, read a few stories, sing a few lullabies, say bedtime prayers and nurse to sleep. Every 2 or 3 nights there is a bath thrown in before the routine. Anybody else have anything to spice up a bedtime routine in a mellow way?

I mostly use the one my parents used with my brother and I, but I thought there might be other tried and true traditions worth throwing in. Plus I have been a little low on comments lately, and I have been wondering if people are actually out there! ;)

I'd love to hear how you were put to bed/how you put your kiddos down for the night. What was good? What would you skip?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Learning Early

Nehemiah devouring a good book:
Goofy, smiley shots (I love these!):

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I won these adorable shoes over at: BabyLuxe {daily} in a very cool giveaway. They were contributed by Bediboo boutique and they came in the mail today...look how awesome they are! I ordered them a little big, otherwise there would be pictures of them on Nehemiah...I love, love, LOVE them! They were even cute in the box, before I had the chance to unwrap them!

And here is a picture of the happy recipient, just because he is such a willing subject for photographing!

Monday, March 24, 2008

For kicks and grins

As my Aunt Dawn would say. :) I saw this HILARIOUS little youtube video on bias tape today. I was looking into buying a serger so that I could make cute receiving blankets that are actually large enough to swaddle my jumbo sized babies (assuming that eventually there will be more than Nehemiah)! :) And those of my friends. However I can use bias tape or make my own instead. You'll die laughing, so run on over to Angry Chicken and check it out. Whether you sew or not, it is worth it!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I was out surfing the parenting blogs for a few minutes today, and I came across a simple, sanity saving idea for those times when babies "boycott" their naps. :) Here is the: good no nap suggestion --Now that the sun is starting to shine, and some of the mud on our dirt road is solidifying, I think I'll grab my iPod, pop Nehemiah in the jogging stroller and head out for a walk in the clear, Spring air, when we can.

Speaking of my iPod, when I first got it, I asked for name suggestions. My mom was the only one who came through for me. Since mine is a beautiful product(Red) nano, and it is cherry red, she thought Rosebud fit. That was indeed the name for awhile, until last Sunday.

We went to church and talked to a gentleman who does some contracting work out at camp now and then. We told him that we went to this yummy, little ribs place around the corner, called The Salty Dog. Being a longtime local, he laughed and settled in to regale us with a historic tale of the spot, formerly known as Rosie's Diner. Here is what we heard:

There was a couple that used to own and run that place. They bickered constantly. The lady was practically anorexic. One day the husband wasn't there anymore. Rosie was tried for his murder. She got off.

She claimed self-defense. He came home one night and she thought he was an intruder so she shot him with the shotgun. (At this point our storyteller intimated that this was a "likely story" and rolled his eyes.)

Ever since then, people were cautious and polite when they went in to Rosie's Diner. You made sure you tipped real well and watched your back. And the spot was known as Shotgun Rosie's to the regulars until new ownership took over and it became The Salty Dog.

Now I listen to tunes on Shotgun Rosie--and giggle at this foreign land I find myself in. :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Birthdays, Confirmations, and Baptisms, Oh My!

All 3 in 2 days! What fun! I really love to celebrate momentous occasions with those near and dear to me. :) AND I immensely enjoy picking out "just the right gift." Exciting! It really is more blessed to give than to receive. Thank you to those of you who have let us be a part of your big moments--it has made my weekend sweet and memorable, with more to come. Happy Easter! Christ is Risen...He is Risen Indeed!

Friday, March 21, 2008

CUTE parenting tip/project

I have taken to adding a bit of cinnamon here and there to the tarter baby foods that I make for Nehemiah and calling them "sprinkles!" Apparently I am not the only one, AND this sweet momma takes it a little further in a great way!

There has been alot of snow where you live when... go out for a drive and you realize that Holiday decorations have been showing up in layers the last few days. The first layer contains Christmas decorations. The next Thanksgiving. And today, I saw that the sun had un-earthed the kicker...Halloween leaf bags and spiders! Ha! At least Spring is coming!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Praise the Lord and Pass the Pizza

Ordinarily I would say that it was a rough day, but you know what? It really wasn't. Sure Nehemiah was uber fussy and boycotted his morning nap entirely, but the Lord gifted me with an extra measure of compassion today. I had the energy and creativity to try out several different activities and methods of distraction. We went on 2 walks out in the sunshine (yay!). And this evening we got to visit with some friends and eat a really yummy Buffalo Chicken Pizza. It was a nice end to a pretty good day! Maybe this is what Zen is supposed to feel like. I like it, but I refuse to attribute it to my own nature, it is all Him!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Getting down to business?

I am talking about starting a WAHM business with one of my friends, but we are having a tough time narrowing our scope, coming up with unique ideas, and thinking of a hook/niche.

Any ideas or suggestions?

I think we would like to make children's/baby things. A few of our ideas are:

Burp cloths
Receiving blankets
Hats and booties
Nursing covers
Baby carrier washable strap covers
Baby wearing slings, etc.
Dress up and make-believe garb and accessories
Cloth diapering accessories

I'm sure there will be more, but this is what we have ideas for so far. A little too broad, but exciting all the same. Here's hoping we can make it work!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Doubley Happy Homemaker

It's been a busy few days! We went to town and did our bi-monthly stock up. We had a fabulous time with friends this weekend. I tried my hand at 2 new baby foods (plums and peaches), and made 2 burp cloths from a new (to me) tutorial! Today I made 2 recipes of truffles from Bakerella with my friend Sarah. We were festive in our green, and as always, had a fun time.

I have also been enjoying our read-aloud time with Nehemiah quite a bit. He is starting to get very interested in the books, and he knows a little of what we are doing! I also like to watch he and his Daddy have fun with books! Nehemiah seems to like all of our stories, but prefers Touch and Feel Farm because he can interact with the different textures.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun with the Little Buggers

I worked in the child care room for Celebrate Recovery tonight, and man was I prepared! Nothing like a holiday to get you mulling over fun ideas. We had a special treat left by "Lucky the Leprechaun," and we made Shrinkydinks.

It was a fun time, though I was a little bummed that more kids didn't show up. On the other hand, it made it a really relaxing and fun night, because the only kiddo other than Nehemiah was my helper's daughter.

We went shrink plastic crazy! I had forgotten about this fun craft. And it turns out that it is cheap, easy, and takes up quite a bit of time, and in the end, you get a fun thing to take home. I'll tell you how it is done:

1.) Procure some #6 Recyclable plastic. This is the clear stuff that you often see baked goods packaged in at the grocery store. Look for that little #6 because it is the only stuff you can use effectively. They are normally clamshell style containers, and sometimes they come with salads too. Anyway, save those, because they are a little tough to find recycling centers for, and making shrinky dinks is more fun anyway!

2.) Cut it out so that you have a flat piece of the clear stuff (after you have cleaned it of course). Rough up one side with fine grit sandpaper.

3.) Then find a picture you would like to trace, or freehand something. Use permanent markers for the outlining and colored pencils to fill it in. You can use permanent markers for everything, but it is a little much for kids and gets messy quickly, so the colored pencils offer a cleaner, cheaper, more colorful option. You use these on the roughed up side of the plastic (which you made this way so that the color will stick).

4.) Use a hole punch to punch a hole on the side of your design so that you can later string it on a key chain or necklace. You could even use them as zipper pulls.

5.) Cut out around your shape and the hole.

6.) Preheat your oven to 350*F. Then place the plastic on a foil lined cookie sheet (not the airbake kind) with the foil shiny side up.

7.) Place the tray on the bottom rack and turn on the oven light if you have one.

8.) It should take about 3.5 minutes for the plastic to shrink up.

They will curl up first and then sort of flatten out. When you take them out, you can sort of flatten them out with a spatula if you need to (though we didn't have to).

I put the picture up so you can see how much they shrink.

These are really fun. And thanks to our local grocery store for donating some containers, since this was a spur-of-the-moment project plan.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What is Muck good for?

Well, in my case, I got a fun new pair of boots out of this current season! We have water and mud everywhere. As the snow melts here, it all kind of collects for a few weeks. Then, miraculously, you wake up one day to dry ground. This means that the "frost has gone out" and the water can be absorbed because the ground underneath is no longer frozen solid. :) Here are my new kicks:
I hope they will keep my toes from getting too soggy. I had a hard time choosing which pair I wanted...Target has an amazing selection of rainboots online--most for $19.99 or less! They range from classic to funky--it really is a fun shopping experience.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The other day, I found out I was pregnant...

from someone at church! Apparently it has been going around that I am "with child." Which was news to me! Hee hee. Oh the funny things that happen. :)

In other pregnancy rumor news...yes, there is more. I had a friend come over to my house to take a pregnancy test today. It was for moral support. What fun moral support to give--it is an honor to be among the trusted few that know right off. At least, I feel that way. I'm sort of sorry to report that my friend "Teddy" is not expecting. ;) We still had a delightful visit, complete with 2 jumbo, steaming mugs of consolation cocoa.

Monday, March 10, 2008


...I am sapped of it currently. We (Nehemiah and I) were gone for nearly 12 straight hours today. We went to a much bigger city-yay! With my friend Sarah and her 3 munchkins--double yay! The day was really great, but I am nearly zombified. ;)

And where all of my energy has evaporated, I fear it condensed and rained down onto Nehemiah. It is nearly 10pm and he is going bonkers! He is yelling and yanking Ben's hair, whilst climbing on him, whilst sucking on his face or blowing raspberries. What a nut! Hopefully he crashes here sometime soon. Then, glorious sleep.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Library

I ran into the library today, minutes before they closed. I had a few books on hold, and I wanted to drop off my application for one of the fancy shmancy new cards. I like our library. It is small, but you can get many things through inter-library loan. I think my favorite feature is that they check out life vests of all sizes in the summer. Who knew?

Another library close by also loans out fishing poles.

Yep. Tourism is big around here. :)

...And I hear tell that the Spring is on it's way!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

I really enjoy checking in on those parenting blogs that I mentioned. Their tips are great, and the fun new products that they review are, well, fun and new! But another wonderful feature is the giveaways! I had only been visiting the Parent Hacks blog for a week when they had a giveaway for a chic new baby cape! I entered with my Spring Family Vacation destination (Pacific Beach, WA), and I was drawn as the winner! :)

I have been waiting eagerly for our prize. Ben checked the mail dice. This morning, he came back in from putting our Netflix movie in the outgoing mail and realized that he hadn't reached back all the way, and low and behold...a cape!

I really like it. Nehemiah looks so sweet peeking out from the little hood. (It was discovered early enough that the little man was still in his pjs-hee hee!) It conjures up thoughts of The Fellowship of the Ring or maybe Star Wars, depending on who you are. Here's a shot for your viewing pleasure...

Thanks Parent Hacks! I love it!

PS--It is SUPER soft, and would be absolutely wonderful for a baby in an infant carrier. They could be strapped in under their cape because the back opens. Just the perfect thing to keep a little one toasty in the chilly winter!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Bonnet and a Prophecy...

Somehow when you go to the grocery store, you expect to come out with groceries...well, I guess I did, but that wasn't all I came out with this morning!

Nehemiah and I ran in to pick up a few staples after our Thursday Mothers and Children (M.A.C.) fellowship time. It is bitterly cold here (where's that Global Warming again?!), so Nehemiah was wearing a hat, but somehow they always end up twisting around his face and covering up his eyes, which leads to much protestation. As soon as we were inside, I took it off.

We were wandering around the aisles when a nice, older lady came up to us and asked if my son needed a bonnet. Hmm...never heard that one before! Especially not from a random stranger in the grocery store! My immediate thought was that she must think I don't have a hat for Nehemiah on this frozen day, so I quickly pulled the hat out of the back of the cart to explain that I was not neglecting my baby--or in need. To tell you the truth, I saw only one at first and thought she'd made it for someone special (like a grandchild) and that she felt bad that my baby didn't have a hat. However, as she opened her bag, I saw approximately 16 nifty little handmade bonnets--random! I'm kind of a sucker for nice little lady projects. :) She said, "Here, you can have one." And I said, "Uh...well, okay, sure, thanks!" I guess I expected that to be it.

As soon as I stuck the bonnet on my babe, she proceeded to tell me about the many visions that she has had lately and slipped a prophecy in my hand. Huh?! Yep--I was a little surprised. I quickly recognized Scripture verses as well as verses from the Books of Wisdom of the Catholic Church. It was a curious encounter. I am glad that she is well-intentioned, though I'm not really buying what she is selling.

Please understand that this is in no way my commentary on the Catholic Church as a whole. In every single church on this planet, you will find well-intentioned and misguided people, and sometimes even ill-intentioned and misguided people, as well as the opposite (in most churches anyway). No one has a corner on the market of Christian living in my opinion--least of all me! We can only live each day through the lens of God's Word. My antenna goes up as soon as people (and names) become the focus instead of the Lord.

But it sure is a nice bonnet. :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blogs of interest--Part II

Here are some of the really nifty parenting blogs I have stumbled across:

Parent Hacks

Baby Toolkit


Cool Mom Picks

Pennies in My Pocket Blog

Rocks In My Dryer

Some of them have giveaways, which I love entering...I have even won! More on that later this week when I get my winnings! ;)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blogs of interest--Part I

I have several blogs that I visit on a frequent basis. I don't want to link to all of them on the side of my own blog, but I have some friends who have asked where I am finding these gems. :) So, I will reveal my secret: I link to them from mentions in other blogs, and I found some of them while looking for free patterns.

Here are some fun ones.

These are the crafting or cooking sort (often they go hand in hand):

Not Martha

Homemade By Jill

How About Orange

Everybody Likes Sandwiches

Angry Chicken

101 Cookbooks-Recipe Journal

Simply Recipes Food and Cooking Blog


Baking Bites

Equal Opportunity Kitchen check in on a ton! I think I'll save the other categories for another day! Enjoy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Holidays to meeee!

My mom sent me a package today! Yeehaw! She called it our St. Patrick's Day/Easter package. What a thoughtful mom! Anyway, there was something for everyone.

Nehemiah got an adorable pair of overalls from Old Navy and some cutie pjs that say "Mom's Lucky Charm" on them for now, and a pair of jeans, windpants, and a sweatshirt for later this summer/fall. He is always cute, but it is nice to know that we'll be able to carry on the tradition! ;)

Ben got a hilarious Price is Right DVD Game and a green t-shirt.

...And I got, a really comfy hooded sweater, a long-sleeved green t-shirt, and the Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood book. I have been eying this for quite some time, and I am SO excited to have it. I'd like to give the Love and Logic method and shot, and it makes sense to me to start ASAP. We're 2 chapters in, and so far both Ben and I are enjoying the philosophy and practical examples. I'll have to let you more as we learn and practice more. Uh-oh! Mr. man is waking up--I guess his routine was a bit thrown off today (Ben stayed home sick, and then we had an impromptu trip to both the town nearby (bank and post office) and to the bigger city. There were some sick day entertainment/belated birthday gift needs to be met there. Part of the reason Nehemiah is up is probably due to the muted sound of a Wii Mission-in-progress.

Gotta run!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chip off the old Rock

Nehemiah discovered Daddy's uber-cool, new, door frame mounted, pull up bar. I got it for Ben's birthday. You don't use any hardware to mount it, and then you can remove it in a snap and use it to hold your feet for sit ups or use the handles for push-up bars. I'm all for multipurpose.

Anyway, I thought it was too cute not to snap a picture of. He'll be building those rock hard lats any day now! Ow! Ow!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Minnesotans For Global Warming

I've figured out how to post You tube videos on my blog! We could use some Global Warming right now, but I settled for this hilarious video instead!

Turns out the group, M4GW (that's right, Minnesotans for Global Warming), sells Free the Flamingo T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers, and even holds rallies at the capitol! Now these guys, I gotta' meet. ;)