Sunday, March 23, 2008

I was out surfing the parenting blogs for a few minutes today, and I came across a simple, sanity saving idea for those times when babies "boycott" their naps. :) Here is the: good no nap suggestion --Now that the sun is starting to shine, and some of the mud on our dirt road is solidifying, I think I'll grab my iPod, pop Nehemiah in the jogging stroller and head out for a walk in the clear, Spring air, when we can.

Speaking of my iPod, when I first got it, I asked for name suggestions. My mom was the only one who came through for me. Since mine is a beautiful product(Red) nano, and it is cherry red, she thought Rosebud fit. That was indeed the name for awhile, until last Sunday.

We went to church and talked to a gentleman who does some contracting work out at camp now and then. We told him that we went to this yummy, little ribs place around the corner, called The Salty Dog. Being a longtime local, he laughed and settled in to regale us with a historic tale of the spot, formerly known as Rosie's Diner. Here is what we heard:

There was a couple that used to own and run that place. They bickered constantly. The lady was practically anorexic. One day the husband wasn't there anymore. Rosie was tried for his murder. She got off.

She claimed self-defense. He came home one night and she thought he was an intruder so she shot him with the shotgun. (At this point our storyteller intimated that this was a "likely story" and rolled his eyes.)

Ever since then, people were cautious and polite when they went in to Rosie's Diner. You made sure you tipped real well and watched your back. And the spot was known as Shotgun Rosie's to the regulars until new ownership took over and it became The Salty Dog.

Now I listen to tunes on Shotgun Rosie--and giggle at this foreign land I find myself in. :)

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brentandsarah said...

Just for fun I quizzed Brent on Shotgun Rosie, since he's lived here all his life...sure enough, he'd heard about it!