Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great with Child

Sometime it feels like that doesn't even begin to describe it! Here are some pictures Ben took real quick last night for the belly-blog update--it seems I always have one with a SUPER CHEESY grin, but I guess that's me! :)

I went to the doctor today, and he said,
Have I ever told you what a delightful job you do being pregnant? And how much I enjoy seeing you every week? Because I'll be seeing you again next week at your appointment.
What a guy! I am technically due Saturday, but it sounds like that will come and go, as my appointment next week is Wednesday. I was 9 days past my due date with Nehemiah, so I am no stranger to the experience, and there are worse things by far! It does feel a bit like an earthquake each time this little one stirs at this point. My parents will arrive next Friday, so I guess there is a chance they'll be here for the big birthing day! How fun!

Friday, February 20, 2009


It has been a week since my Blessingway. Would you like to know what a blessingway is? Here is how the hostess described it:
Blessingway ceremonies – different from a baby shower – are thought to have originated with the Navajo tribe, although similar rituals were also practiced in many other cultures. The basic premise of the ceremony is to celebrate the joy, privilege and honor of motherhood, and to encourage, uplift and energize the mother-to-be. So often in our society, pregnancy and birth have become more and more focused on the negative (the pain, the long labor, the exhaustion), and focusing on the negative is no way to enter into one of God’s most sacred of occupations! A blessingway focuses on the positive aspects, so that the cumulative strength of the mothers and women surrounding the momma-to-be can help bring her through what can be a difficult time. This ceremony is easily ‘adapted’ to a Christian view – the other women and mothers can pray and call on God’s strength and comfort for Erin so that she will know He is with her every step (and push!) of the way.
It was really great to have my friends and family actively supporting me and my choices for this second birth. There was a bead ceremony where each lady added a bead to a string for each child they have and told a positive aspect of their pregnancy or birthing or babyhood for that child. I now have a beautiful set of beads to symbolize that encouragement for me when my birthing time comes.

My mom was unable to come--there are a few miles between us! So she sent these wonderful blessings to be read--one for each of her children, as well as a prayer:


Awhile back Erin sent me a Mr. Roger's quote, "I realize that it isn't very fashionable to talk about some things as being holy. Nevertheless, if we ever want to rid ourselves of personal and corporate emptiness, brokenness, loneliness and fear, we will have to allow ourselves room for that which we cannot see, hear, touch or control." While I was carrying Erin I got to live this in a way that I had never had opportunity before. Through Erin's birth and life I have come to a new understanding of what is holy and how God works in each of us to see His holiness as He works it out in the world. From the beginning she was a beautiful gift. Her "bounce" and laughter have been like sunshine to me more times than she can possibly remember or know. May your daughter be her own uniquely crafted gift to you and to the world. May you see by her light things that you may never have seen on your own. And may your heart soar at the sight of them.


Ah, the blessing of boys! You have already come to taste a little of that. When he was very little one of John's favorite books was "I'll Love You Forever." In the beginning of it the mom rocks her new born son and sings, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be." At the end of the book the grown boy sings to his elderly mom, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my Mommy you'll be." Erin, may your children rise up to call you blessed. May they love you forever, like you for always and praise God for your influence on their lives.


Dear Lord,

You have called Erin to be a mother. Thank you for choosing to bring life into the world through her. I pray that You will make her worthy of her calling. Strengthen and encourage her, fulfill every resolve she has for good and every work she undertakes by faith with which to bless her family and bring glory to You, her Savior. By Your grace make her children Yours. I pray that this new little one, Adelynne, will be a delight to You and to her parents. Bring Erin and Ben such joy in her that they know it can only come from You.

In Your Holy Name, Amen
My mom based the prayer on 2Thessalonians 1:11-12, because she's awesome like that!

Each lady also lit a small candle around the bigger one--which I lit. They took home their candle, and they are going to light them and say a prayer for me when they hear that either I am in the process of having Adelynne or am a Mommy to our sweet addition! I think that is a really neat thing to think on!

They also prayed over me with a laying on of hands, which was powerful and uplifting! How wonderful to have these women who have gone before and with me in this endeavor supporting me and lifting me up to the Lord in prayer!

There were also many yummy treats, and though they were not the purpose of this gathering, everyone was very generous in their gift giving--I'm going to have the cutest baby girl on the block (make that acre--lol)!

My friend Lisa's daughter, Sydni took the pictures while I was busy soaking in blessings!

The budding photographer herself.

Sorry for the delinquent post--we have been laid up sick here at the Frank house this week. Nehemiah has his first ear infections--yep--one in each ear, and I have had a wretched cold! I went to my OB appointment today, and apparently Adelynne is hanging on to my ear lobes, and I may be vying for the Lakes area record for longest pregnancy (not that funny of a joke actually, thank you doctor--especially since I am technically 39 weeks tomorrow!). I guess we'll see what happens, but I am sure the Lord will be faithful in His timing for us, Adelynne, and our support team! We covet your prayers in the meantime!

Snow Tubing

We went out to camp to see some friends who were visiting from out of state (About 2 weeks ago) and making great nighttime use of the tubing hill! Nehemiah really enjoyed zipping around on the snow with Ben--here are some shots:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some true Valentine's Lovin'

Yesterday I was having a great conversation with friends about the difference between religion for the sake of religion, and religion as an outpouring of love from our Lord, who is indeed Love. I knew what I wanted to say, and how I felt, but I was having a difficult time articulating it! Anyway, I was on my cyber-friend Sarah's blog, and she had a twitter update that linked to an article that articulated it! How timely! I particularly found this quote to pertain to our conversation:

Before: Tough Love is withholding Love from others as a means of disapproval or attempt to bring change.
Now: Tough Love is Loving others without condition, regardless of the result.
The rest of the article is wonderful! If you're interested, please head over here and read it!

Hope you had a great V-Day!

We did! Ben made a yummy Coffee Cake for breakfast, took me to lunch, and grilled pork chops and potatoes for dinner on the 13th which is when we technically celebrated. Last night he was cooking the Sweetheart's dinner out at camp for the Valentine's Retreat. I got a day out with friends, and then when he came home, we watched So I Married an Axe Murderer, an ate Strawberry Ice Cream with a few Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate French Truffles mixed in! Talk about indulgent!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Renewed Purpose

Perhaps you have been wondering what has happened in the Saga of the Squirrel since I last posted about it here. I haven't been deliberately eluding you on the subject, there has just been absolutely nothing to report. Zippo. Zilch. Nada.

We haven't seen any squirrels since the beginning of December, of any color. No reds, grays, blacks, purples (ha!). That is until this morning.

I looked out the window as I was eating my breakfast, and there was a little red squirrel eating sunflower seeds on the ground under the bird feeder.

I started shrieking the word, Squirrel! Repeatedly. And my dog, who normally tosses a glance toward the window and then charges for the door looked at me as if I'd lost my mind. For a good 20 seconds. It even took Ben awhile to realize what was happening so he could hype Maltby up and show him that it was really true.

Then the fracas began. Running and barking and jumping and squealing (by Nehemiah). Maltby rushed out the door; though by this time the squirrel was well aware that something was happening that he ought to be concerned about and was long up the tree.

Oh well. Our dog is getting fat. In a way I hope the squirrel comes back. My guys could all use the exercise. Ben's plan is to let it get nice and comfortable and bring some of its friends to the seed feed before he begins to exact his revenge for the incident. I'll let you know how it goes.

PS--If I don't post for awhile, don't be too worried. I have caught the crud that is going around, and I was having contractions--or as they call them in Hypnobabies...birthing or pressure waves all yesterday. It was just a warm up, but I had really convinced myself that this little one wouldn't be coming until March! That could still be the case, but I am a little low energy currently, so I'm making no promises! ;)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Belly Pictures!

I had a request, and these were taken about 3 weeks ago. I'll try to get some newer ones soon! :D

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

No Room in the Inn!

So yesterday I went to a prenatal appointment, and I told my doctor I was pretty sure I was full up! He said he was just going to say that he felt some more room in there--ha! What does he know?!

Anyway, today, we found out just how much room there'll have to wait for it though, because it's kind of a long story!

After dinner tonight, we gave Nehemiah a small chocolate covered Rice Krispy treat--which he loves, but could not eat, because his diaper rash is on it's way back and he was uncomfortable enough to need to be changed. We promised he could have the treat when he was finished, and he complied sweetly--a nice happening!

After the change, he threw a ball for Maltby a few times, and then, while Maltby was playing with Ben, I made good our promise and gave Nehemiah his treat. I looked up to see Maltby making a beeline for us, and knew he was up to no good. He snatched Nehemiah's treat right out of his hand! Nehemiah was shocked and looked up with big eyes, as if he were Cindy Lou-Who from The Grinch and his tree had just been stuffed up the chimney. I noticed this look for a second before I pounced.

I yelled, "No Maltby!" And leaped into action, running after him. He proceeded to drop the treat and run, and I lunged forward, tackling all 85 pounds of him to the ground. I grabbed his snout, told him no, and tossed him outside.

I came back inside the house to find Ben laughing hysterically. I guess he thought Nehemiah was throwing a ball for Maltby again, and it took him a minute to recognize the situation for what it was; his 8 month pregnant wife taking out his sneaky dog, in protection of his innocent son, in a matter of seconds. You see, I don't mind being pregnant, but, I am very pregnant, and Ben hasn't seen me move this fast in some time. Apparently, neither had the dog.

We were laughing together about the whole thing as I cut Nehemiah another treat and threw out the dog slobber coated one. I snagged one for myself also. Ben started walking away to start on his homework, and said something about Maltby realizing too late that he had miscalculated my abilities, and scrambling as fast as he could in his head about where his mistake was, as he chucked the treat and fled. Then the awe that he must have felt as I "took him down to China town," as Ben said.

That was it--I lost it! I was laughing so hard that I inhaled a Rice Krispy and started to choke. Not a normal kind of choke, but you know, the, I'm about to die kind of choke. I signaled Ben to come back--just in case I needed life saving efforts. It was then that I realized I was not to die of lack of oxygen tonight--just embarassment. You see, while one is 8 months pregnant, full of supper and water, and choking on Rice Krispy shrapnel, the amount of space left in one's body is not enough to hold what is in one's bladder!

Try surviving choking, calming your son, and realizing that you have started to wet your pants, and have no control over stopping it all at once! I eventually made it to the bathroom with Nehemiah running after me, and when I came out, I found my sweet husband chuckling to himself as he scrubbed the otoman I'd been perched upon. What a guy! I apologized, but he just grinned up at me, and said, "what could you do? At least it wasn't because you were angry, because then I would have told you to calm down, but you were laughing, and what could you do?"

Why is it that I feel at liberty to share this information with everyone and their mom via my blog? I may never know, but it is therapeutic somehow.