Friday, March 28, 2008


I can literally see Nehemiah's brain growing before my eyes. Maybe it is that latent teacher in me. Or, maybe it is just the proud Mama; though I don't know many other mamas that forget to record the 3rd tooth, but rush to the calendar to scribble down that her baby crossed his midline for the first time! (That was several months ago, by the way)

In the past few days, Nehemiah has really learned to look for things you hide. I have been sneaking things under blankies when he is looking and when he isn't, and he has gotten really good at finding them! Today he even found a sunshine in this little Velcro envelope it hides in, and all of the toys in his mailbox. He opened them up and pulled them out proudly. I was impressed!
The other exciting occurrence of the day? We were reading some books before naptime this afternoon, and HE TURNED THE PAGES! Yeehaw--my little reader! I am so proud! *Beams*

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Anonymous said...

When do you think he'll start generalizing to the regular mailbox? Should I start sending "to my sunshine" surprises?