Friday, March 7, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

I really enjoy checking in on those parenting blogs that I mentioned. Their tips are great, and the fun new products that they review are, well, fun and new! But another wonderful feature is the giveaways! I had only been visiting the Parent Hacks blog for a week when they had a giveaway for a chic new baby cape! I entered with my Spring Family Vacation destination (Pacific Beach, WA), and I was drawn as the winner! :)

I have been waiting eagerly for our prize. Ben checked the mail dice. This morning, he came back in from putting our Netflix movie in the outgoing mail and realized that he hadn't reached back all the way, and low and behold...a cape!

I really like it. Nehemiah looks so sweet peeking out from the little hood. (It was discovered early enough that the little man was still in his pjs-hee hee!) It conjures up thoughts of The Fellowship of the Ring or maybe Star Wars, depending on who you are. Here's a shot for your viewing pleasure...

Thanks Parent Hacks! I love it!

PS--It is SUPER soft, and would be absolutely wonderful for a baby in an infant carrier. They could be strapped in under their cape because the back opens. Just the perfect thing to keep a little one toasty in the chilly winter!


Asha {Parent Hacks} said...

Now that picture has made my day! Enjoy!

Stephanie said...

Congrats! Blog contests are SO fun, aren't they?