Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Bonnet and a Prophecy...

Somehow when you go to the grocery store, you expect to come out with groceries...well, I guess I did, but that wasn't all I came out with this morning!

Nehemiah and I ran in to pick up a few staples after our Thursday Mothers and Children (M.A.C.) fellowship time. It is bitterly cold here (where's that Global Warming again?!), so Nehemiah was wearing a hat, but somehow they always end up twisting around his face and covering up his eyes, which leads to much protestation. As soon as we were inside, I took it off.

We were wandering around the aisles when a nice, older lady came up to us and asked if my son needed a bonnet. Hmm...never heard that one before! Especially not from a random stranger in the grocery store! My immediate thought was that she must think I don't have a hat for Nehemiah on this frozen day, so I quickly pulled the hat out of the back of the cart to explain that I was not neglecting my baby--or in need. To tell you the truth, I saw only one at first and thought she'd made it for someone special (like a grandchild) and that she felt bad that my baby didn't have a hat. However, as she opened her bag, I saw approximately 16 nifty little handmade bonnets--random! I'm kind of a sucker for nice little lady projects. :) She said, "Here, you can have one." And I said, "Uh...well, okay, sure, thanks!" I guess I expected that to be it.

As soon as I stuck the bonnet on my babe, she proceeded to tell me about the many visions that she has had lately and slipped a prophecy in my hand. Huh?! Yep--I was a little surprised. I quickly recognized Scripture verses as well as verses from the Books of Wisdom of the Catholic Church. It was a curious encounter. I am glad that she is well-intentioned, though I'm not really buying what she is selling.

Please understand that this is in no way my commentary on the Catholic Church as a whole. In every single church on this planet, you will find well-intentioned and misguided people, and sometimes even ill-intentioned and misguided people, as well as the opposite (in most churches anyway). No one has a corner on the market of Christian living in my opinion--least of all me! We can only live each day through the lens of God's Word. My antenna goes up as soon as people (and names) become the focus instead of the Lord.

But it sure is a nice bonnet. :)


Anonymous said...

This morning, I read your story shortly after I woke up. It was a fun thought to start the day with. I can't be sure, but I think that I know the woman that you ran into. Assuming I am right, she used to come in to the Journal office to have me make photocopies of Catholic tracts about Padre Pio and the stigmata. I think that she was making booties at that time, but I could have her crafts confused with the crafts from another regular customer.

Glad you can enjoy the bonnet.


Anonymous said...

That's really sweet...if not a little strange!

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