Monday, March 17, 2008

Doubley Happy Homemaker

It's been a busy few days! We went to town and did our bi-monthly stock up. We had a fabulous time with friends this weekend. I tried my hand at 2 new baby foods (plums and peaches), and made 2 burp cloths from a new (to me) tutorial! Today I made 2 recipes of truffles from Bakerella with my friend Sarah. We were festive in our green, and as always, had a fun time.

I have also been enjoying our read-aloud time with Nehemiah quite a bit. He is starting to get very interested in the books, and he knows a little of what we are doing! I also like to watch he and his Daddy have fun with books! Nehemiah seems to like all of our stories, but prefers Touch and Feel Farm because he can interact with the different textures.

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