Saturday, March 1, 2008

Minnesotans For Global Warming

I've figured out how to post You tube videos on my blog! We could use some Global Warming right now, but I settled for this hilarious video instead!

Turns out the group, M4GW (that's right, Minnesotans for Global Warming), sells Free the Flamingo T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers, and even holds rallies at the capitol! Now these guys, I gotta' meet. ;)


angiesparkles said...

hi! i love your posts, you're so entertaining and lovely :] to answer a couple of questions you've asked on my blog- we are hoping to get a reception facility in the next few weeks- we have the money now, yeaaaaay! we are aiming for october of this year. we should have an official date in very near future! will let you know as soon as I know :) the half day I had was just because I've worked late a lot, so i had some extra time i needed to take off. that is all, nothing too exciting. talk to you soon! angie

Zoe said...

This is hysterical.