Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stressed spelled backwards and all that

So, we got a brand spankin' new refrigerator delivered to our house is GORGEOUS! We love it, but true to Murphy's Law, our year-old spiffy Kenmore Front Loader washing machine broke today. I think it is a computer issue, which means Ben can't fix it--uugh! It seems like you save and spend money on one big purchase and then something else (unexpected) goes. :( Oh well, the repair guy will come tomorrow to tell us what the damage is.

Ben was frustrated after futzing with the washer for a few hours, and he had several hours of homework to accomplish, so he sent the babe and I to Dairy Queen. He really wanted a DQ cake, but those are expensive, so I made a Hot Fudge Cake and we got a quart of DQ Softserve to go with it, and added some Caramel Sauce we already had. I think it was close to as good as the cake would have been, and at least $10 less expensive.

After our yummy dessert, Nehemiah required a bath--and a mohawk. He just looks so stinkin' cute with one that I couldn't resist!

After I got him contented in his pjs and off to bed, I embarked on a craft project. I was browsing blogs earlier today (sadly I cannot remember the original) and found one where a mom made little stuffed frogs for her childrens' Easter baskets. She linked over to this tutorial, which has a pattern ready to print and super easy instructions. If it takes me less than 3 hours, it must be easy! Didn't my froggy friend come out cute?


Anonymous said...

I love the froggy- and the little guy looks awesome with a mohawk! When we have kids, I hope they are as happy and smiley as Nehemiah! It's snowing like mad here today- I NEED SPRING AND CAMPING!!!!

angiesparkles said...

aww how cute- both your boy and your frog :D