Tuesday, April 1, 2008


If someone wants to hit a cloth diapering family where it counts, what can they do? Hmm...how 'bout cause their just over a year old (and thus no longer under warranty), uber cool, front loading washer to break down and cost over $300 and 2 weeks to fix! Um yeah, it happened.

So now there are Huggies sitting in the nursery. Ben and I chose Huggies, because every other diaper brand we tried when Nehemiah was a wee little one caused him to have some major diaper rash issues, and we were too cheap to go with the Huggies (hee hee). I was amazed when I pulled these top of the line disposables out of the pack. They felt so, hmm... well, fake! No soft fabric, just slippy-slidey, papery plastic.

It is weird, because when Nehemiah was first born, I thought they felt so cozy, and now that I am used to cloth--I was a little shocked at my reaction. And Ben's too. I guess we're converts.

One interesting thing--Nehemiah doesn't look nearly as chubby! Hee hee! He fits in his clothes better because they are made for the majority of kids, who wear disposables and not cloth. His pjs were so easy to zip up!

But I miss my little guy's cloth diapered booty! ;)

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brentandsarah said...

Grr! Thats too bad! Don't you just hate murphy's law? Well, I hope your machine is fixed sooner, and if you want you can do laundry over here if you get backed up. (Hehe, you can do MY laundry too ;) See you soon.