Friday, April 4, 2008

A Teacher Moment

Trying to teach volume? Need a quick tip? This is what I used to use with my students. :) Every third grader I had could draw this out in their sleep, and quickly too! A wonderful thing during a standardized test *groans* or during a kitchen bonding time *grins*. I posted this after reading about the much loved Mr. Gallon over at My Many Colored Crayons (which I ADORE!). And while I do love me some Mr. Gallon (hee hee), I am all about simplicity and ease! So for those of you who would like an explanation of how best to do this, start with the G for gallon--leave lots of space inside--this is important. Then draw 4 large Qs (for quart) inside--once again very open in the middle--then 2 Ps (for pints) in each Q and 2 Cs (for cups) in each P. It's a sort of venn diagram-ish sort of thing, and super easy! Oh, the different colors help kids see it easier initially, but once they get it, they can draw it with any ole' thing! ;)

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Jane said...

This is awesome! I will teach this too. I suspect some kids would get a little carried away with Mr. Gallons details. Really, we can use all the tricks we can get!