Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

As I type, we are sort of gearing up for a storm. There are estimates of anywhere between 3 and 12 inches of snow or rain within the next 24 hours. The thunder rolls and the lightning flashes. We are ready...we have a few unwatched movies, several recorded t.v. shows to catch up on, and a bunch of new books from the library to get the creative juices flowing. :)

We are on the verge of the storm as far as Ben's work schedule goes as well. This week he will have 2 days off in a row, and as it turns out a few others here and there. After this week, it may be nearly 6 months before that luxury presents itself again. There is very little certainty about that because the schedule at camp seems to be in a state of flux, except for those 10 steady weeks in the middle of the summer. We are gearing up for the Spring Retreat Season, then Summer, and then the Fall Retreat Season. I wish I felt as prepared for this as I do for the weather! I am taking steps to make sure that I have activities planned and prepared for so that I can stay busy with Nehemiah. Just pray that it all goes well and that I know how to stay healthy for myself, Nehemiah, and Ben! Gracias!

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Anonymous said...

I remember "gearing up" for impending snow storms when I was young. My brother and I would get all our snow gear out and ready for the fun! Always a bummer when the weather guy (or gal) was wrong though! :)

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