Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our Business Idea

I have to say I am naturally just a little suspicious of people stealing ideas (just because it seems like such an easy and natural thing to do--imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all), but I think my friend Susan and I came up with a good one for our fledgling (meaning just conceptual at this point) WAHM business.

I have told a few people about it, and I find that they are excited and contribute some rockin' ideas, so I'm breaking down to blog about what we've settled on for now. :) AND I would LOVE some feedback in the form of ideas, if there is a good market, and business start up suggestions--because I know some of the moms reading this blog have so much more experience than I do with these kind of things...

First off, our credentials. I am a certified Elementary School teacher, and Susan is an English and Drama double major. Throw those two heads together, and what came out? An idea for making Imaginative Play Birthday Kits!

What the?

I'll explain...

We think that there is a market amongst parents who A) live in a more rural area with fewer places to go have a party, or live in a city but are tired of the current "birthday circuit" B) Are a little tired of over commercialization with character licensed everything C) Want an exciting birthday party and D) Would like the party favors to be more "green"--something a child will take home and use over and over again...not break in the car on the way home and never look at again. And, oh yeah, a lot less plastic. :)

Anyway, we have several (okay, like 20) theme ideas that we will need to narrow down, but I'll toss out a few...

Slumber Party Kit: Pre-cut fleece squares so that each girl can tie her own blanket to take home, and some kind of pillowcase decorating activity. Sleep masks that we make will be included, and possibly cake ideas, and recipes for facial masks, etc.

Pirates: Felt pirate hats, a different colored beard for all pirate boys (Red Beard, Black Beard, Blue Beard, etc) ;) , and braids for pirate girls, directions and props for a "Walk the Plank" game, etc.

We are hoping to find things to make that are relatively easy but that spark imagination and can be put altogether to make one original and fun theme party! We have a few themes for girls only, boys only, and coed, and even the beginnings of a Socially Conscious Party where the activities are made from Recyclables--and we follow the 3R's principle. :)

We may add story starters to get the ball rolling, and I have some thoughts about networking with some other WAHM businesses to provide themed invitations, Parent Birthday Party Survival Kits, etc.

So, what do you think? Is it doable? How much would you be willing to pay for such a thing (ie: could we recoup our material and labor costs)? Any fabulous ideas you are willing to share? What size kit would be best (I was thinking one for 6 kids as a base and then add a per kid fee on top of that for extras)? Can you buy accessories and things (like a roll of caution tape) and legally sell them as part of the kit? Or do you have to create everything yourself to be within the law? Just a bunch of the things running around in my head currently. Do you know of any good "start your own business" resources (books, websites, blogs, etc.)?

Thanks for your thoughts!


Peter said...

What a fun idea. I have a co-worker with 2 young daughters who would probably love resources like this. Right now she is overwhelmed in planning the American Girl tea party that her 5 year old wants for her birthday. My co-worker has never even been to a tea party (and didn't drink tea until she started working with me).

You may want to check with the Cass County extension office in Pine River. When we lived in the area, one of their community ed programs was about starting a business. Or CLC may have a helpful class or two.

Good luck! I have food ideas for the pirate party: goldfish crackers, blue jello with gummi sharks or fish swimming in it (try that one first), beach dessert (like dirt, but uses graham crackers or vanilla wafers instead of oreos), citrus things to prevent scurvy, and the list goes on...


Sarah said...

I'd buy a birthday kit, if it had everything I needed in it! I'm trying to plan my 6 year olds party for next Saturday... I am soooo not creative!

I'd make the kit for 10 not 6, every party I've ever had for the kids has at LEAST 10 kids... usually more.