Monday, April 7, 2008

Plow Watch 2008

Well the snow started over 36 hours and 14 inches ago, and we still haven't seen the plow on my road. It will be an occasion for rejoicing when it comes with its bright orange and flashing lights.

Ben had to shovel out the driveway to go to work. Not easy when it is heavy Spring snow.

It is great fun to attempt to get out of our driveway and off of our street after it snows and before the plow comes. I almost always find myself stuck--I think I hesitate too much (my Dad could tell you about that one). I am so afraid that I'm going to get stuck or careen off the road or into something that I don't give it enough guts.

Ben on the other hand is an amazing driver. In the snow and out. He ought to have his own theme song for peeling out in the snow. He guns it and slides around a bit, and then roars off in his intended direction. I am green with envy over his mad skills.

I'll be waiting for the Return of the Plow before I venture out.

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Peter said...

Yep... Andrea is also "impressed" with my snow driving skills. This is what you get when you grow up on a quarter mile dirt driveway and live in a house on top of a hill in Minnesota.