Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What a day!

Nehemiah had a weigh-in this morning. First one since his 6 month appointment since we don't vaccinate him monthly (the verdict is still out on that one for us--whether we will selectively vaccinate or skip it altogether). He has gained a little under 2 lbs and dropped from the 87th percentile to the 64th. It isn't cause for concern, which I am glad to hear. :) I was a little nervous because I know he hasn't been gaining as quickly as he used to. He doesn't really eat cereal though--he has never liked it, and when we found that he did like the finger food types of cereal, he started having an allergic reaction to it. We're going to try again in a month. All that aside, we had a really fun afternoon!

It was Nehemiah's first swimming lesson! He is my little fish! He loved the kickboard and the noodle and just feeling his body whooshing back and forth in the water. I was flipping him over from his back to front and accidentally dunked him, and he didn't even fuss! It was great. :)

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