Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We are off to the illustrious Fargodome today on a business and family trip! Hurrah!

When we were driving through North Dakota a few years ago (while I was still teaching my multigrain class--as I refer to my diverse group, you know, as opposed to whitebread?), we stopped for a meal at the Cracker Barrel and I was shocked to see a disclaimer that they welcome all races without discrimination at the door. I wasn't sure why they needed such a sign until we sat down to eat, and the place was filled to the brim with elderly white couples settling down for lunch. Then I got it...Oh! The Cracker--Barrel! It made me laugh--I hadn't seen such a homogeneous crew in a very long time. Now it has been awhile since I have seen much else!

That is one of the reasons I love our country. We are different, but all a part of one nation.


Anonymous said...

I love it.. "multigrain"! Sounds like my middle school kiddos- who knew you could actually have 13 languages in one class?! Certainly different than "up north" - good thing smiles and music are the universal language ;) ~April

Anonymous said...

Hey! I've been checkin' out your blog...and it is always so much fun to read what is going on in your life. The fire roast looked like a lot of fun and the boys got a kick out of hearing about it.

Bob and I have a date tonight...happy thing...highly recommended for all married couples...

Patrick wants to visit Minnesota again this summer! Not sure how were gonna fit everything in...he is certainly not looking forward to Middle School...pray for us!

Love ya!

FC's auntie