Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cruisin' the Ave

Back when I was in high school the local ne'er do wells used to drive their low rider cars up and down a street called Nevada Avenue. It was known as Cruisin' the Ave.

I am happy to report that we now have our own Ave Cruiser! Yep...Nehemiah is scootching backwards. Not crawling--he hasn't mastered sticking his butt up and getting his knees under him yet, but he does enjoy himself. He grins up at you while motivating around the house. :) How fun!


Anonymous said...

How funny. I thought that cruising the avenue was something unique to where I grew up. I guess not.

I remember tons of people lining 23rd Avenue (recently renamed Avenue of the Cities) in the parking lots to smoke, drink, watch the cruisers, and most likely hook up. Some time around the time that I started high school, the authorities thought that this was not a good activity. So the posted signs that read "Unnecessary repetitive driving prohibited." We laughed at them and at the common knowledge that a police office generally pulled you over if they saw you pass about 5 times.

Who knows, someday Nehemiah may trick out his car, hoping to impress the girls that he passes. Or not.


felicitouschick said...

Ha! You've got me laughing! I sure hope Nehemiah doesn't go there later in life! But if he does, he'll have a proud history...just check out the muffler on Ben's VW Golf! Seriously, you could fit a grapefruit in that thing! ;)