Friday, April 4, 2008


Two days ago, I looked out my window to this and nearly cried:

Today it may reach 60 degrees, most of the snow is gone from the land, and I feel like doing a Spring Dance--hurrah!

I got a surprise after-Easter package from my Grandma in the mail. There was a little something for me, and a little something for Nehemiah.

It is great to have a grandma! Especially when she is so sweet! In a way my blog reminds me of her. It is my little daily journal of odds and ends.

Ever since I can remember, the little squares on my grandma's calendar have been her journal. It is so cool. A little bit of the weather and whatever was accomplished in the day fills each square--not a lot of pressure, but when you write really small, it is amazing what you can fit! :) Anyway, here's to Grandmas! (And yes, that is my sewing maching lurking in the background...I can't bear to put it away just yet--is it laziness? Or as I prefer to think of it, am I waiting for a bit more inspiration to strike?!) ;)

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