Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who will be the next Simon Cowell?

After Nehemiah went down for the night tonight, I was up for some mindless entertainment, so I flipped on the season premier of American Idol to watch the auditions. There were some touching moments, as well as some atrocious ones. In the middle of one of the worst, high-pitched shriek sessions, Nehemiah woke up screaming. I thought maybe it would pass, so I gave it a few minutes--during which more ear splitting auditions took place. I went in to see how he was, and he seemed legitimately frightened. It was sad! I brought him out and calmed him down...he also got to see Daddy, because initially he went to bed before Ben got home from work. It was nice that Ben and he got to play a little bit while he learned that tone deaf singing does not signify the end of the world after all! Maybe Nehemiah will be a pretty good judge of musicality, and hopefully a much nicer character than a certain Brit. :P

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