Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm in love with the UPS man!

These things happen when you see so few people at your house on a regular basis! I also really like my mail lady!

Tonight when we got home, I found I had missed my friend in the brown suit, but he left a surprise! My mom sent me a great package. She and my dad got Nehemiah some adorable red striped Oshkosh Engineer Overalls and a Heartbreaker Valentine's bib for his first Feb. 14. So sweet! He also got two great Christmas gifts from our relatives out in WA state. He got a Peek-A-Boo Curious George toy and the Philadelphia Chickens book and CD by Sandra Boynton. We're listening to it now, and he is getting a MAJOR kick out of it--part of that is that his daddy is dancing with him to the rhythm of my typing.

My mom also sent several needlework projects from my GGs stash! I have a ribbon embroidery kit, a cross stitch, a crewel project, and crochet and embroidery hooks, knitting needles, and some other tools that I have no idea about. Guess I better get to learning how to do all of these things! Too fun. :)

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Peter said...

I hear you re: the UPs guy. In fact, I am so crazy about getting mail that I have scared off some of the folks at work. They thought that they were being helpful by bringing me my mail. I think that I was a little too emphatic in telling them how sad I am when I do not get to go to the mail box to claim my bounty.

When the UPS guy delivers our order of office supplies (even though I am the one who put the order together), opening the box feels like Christmas.

Call me crazy, but this makes a huge difference in my morale.