Saturday, January 5, 2008

Separation Anxiety

is running rampant in our house!

Nehemiah has picked it up, and man--not just a tiny bit! Anytime I start to leave the room, he starts to fuss until I come back. This is more than a little limiting. :)

And for my part, I am frustrated about Ben's hours. He had to work on his day off, spend extra hours one day, so that even though he went in early to get off early, he stayed every bit as late as usual. Went in early again today, and more of the same for Monday. It is difficult that he has an unconventional schedule already, but I am having a hard time with the fact that I plan on him having certain times off and our plans get steamrolled time and again! Uugh!

Anyway, enough of complaining. I have a few people that read my blog but don't have a google i.d. so they cannot comment. One such person is my mom, and she had a phrase for submission. She just finished up her Masters in Counseling, and she told me that when you have just been in a discussion of drama, and you think of another dramatic topic, kind of as a bunny trail, but don't have time or energy to get to it, the catch phrase is, "But that's a whole 'nother Oprah!" Ha! I'll probably use that one. :)

While she and I were discussing this, I recalled another phrase we use. It is called "butt hurt." This is something Ben picked up in the army. Basically if you are jealous of someone, or all hurt over something that you shouldn't really be, it's called "butt hurt." Ben and I were green with envy when some of our friends were basically given a gorgeous house on a lake to live in as long as they managed a resort. We were really happy for them; really! But it was still a little tough to take, that is until Ben identified what we were: butt hurt. ;) It pretty much sums it up effectively!

Maybe that is what I am about the scheduling. And then again, maybe it's not just that easy to write off--we'll see.

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