Friday, February 1, 2008

Feelin' the Love

Well, what started out as a good night's sleep quickly dissipated into a series 1 of comfort sessions at 2:30, 3:15, and 4:00 am . I think Nehemiah may be getting ready to witness his two honkin', huge front teeth busting through his gums!

Anyway, we went out to breakfast when we got up, and my mother-in-law brought many little crafty things to me; which is fun. Then, when we came back, Nehemiah and I were both ready for a solid morning nap! And, we got one! Nearing the end of my slumber, Ben came in to tell me the exciting my sleep, I had missed Marty, our mail lady's daily visit, and she had left me not one, but two packages!

The first one I opened was from Pete and Andrea, Ben's brother and my sister-in-law. They desired to send some warmth my way, after hearing of the deep freeze. They sent me an amazing pair of wool socks, rated to 40 Below Zero (I didn't even know they made socks that warm!)! Yay! There was also a package of Spicy Dark Drinking Chocolate and a reusable hand warmer. We were excited to try the Drinking Chocolate, and Ben whipped some for us. It takes 5 tablespoons per 4 oz. I didn't know this when he asked if he should make us 1 cup to share. And I asked for my own cup-hee hee. Turns out 4 oz. is probably the perfect size! It is so rich and chocolaty! You take a sip and it warms you up and delights you, and then a few seconds later, you begin to feel a bit of a tingling--burning sensation at the very back of your throat as the spice hits. It's really different, because you don't taste the spice per se, you just feel it. Anyway, I like it a lot, but 4 oz. would be plenty at a time. And perhaps I'll save the hand warmer for another blog. ;)

The second package was from one of Ben and my mutual friends (though she was Ben's friend first, in high school). Her name is April, and she is also a teacher; so, she shares my love of children's literature. She sent us 2 brand new books to read with Nehemiah, which I did promptly. The first was Bad Dog, Marley! by John Grogan and the second, I Love You Sleepyhead by Claire Freedman. They are both really great and fun to add to our collection. There was also an ADORABLE button-up shirt and faux suede and sherpa jacket that says Ranger on it. It is 18 months size, but I am sure Nehemiah will fit into it soon, and we'll be able to post cute pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

What a way to wake up from a snooze! Thanks guys for making my day! :)

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