Friday, February 15, 2008

Craigslist conquest

Ben and I bid on an entertainment armoire on craigslist last weekend. I thought we would have heard back about it pretty quickly, because things on craigslist tend to move fast. Anyway, the people selling it did call us back, but on Tuesday night. It was such a fabulous deal for exactly what we needed. Something to fit in a prescribed place in our house aka: the right size and with fold back doors so that they wouldn't take any more space up when opened. We needed to get something to house all of our electronics for Nehemiah's pending crawling stage. :)

Anyway, the only time that the lady of the house was going to be available for us to pick it up was going to be Wednesday morning or this weekend. Well, Ben had the morning of Wednesday off, but not this weekend. So, at 7:30pm he left for the 4 hour trek to borrow a van from work, withdraw cash, and head out on the drive to the Really Big City. ;) Thankfully, he was able to stay with our friends Aaron and Susan (while Susan's parents are in from Australia), and Aaron went with Ben early in the morning to load the armoire into the van for the trip back north.

It turned into quite the production. My understanding is that they had to remove some bolts from the van's back doors just to get the thing in. Aaron and Ben were both late for work because it took so much more time than anticipated.

It was worth it though. Ben and his dad brought it in, and it is gorgeous. The photo on craigslist was blurry and didn't do it justice! It is fine furniture. Which is pretty funny in the house that IKEA built! Ha! I was telling my mom that it looks a little like King David came down to Mephibosheth's house and bestowed an entertainment center upon him. And that was it, just the entertainment center. Ever feel blessed? It is just what we needed and would have picked out brand new for about 8 times the cost. *grins*

Perhaps I'll post a picture in the future.

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Sarah said...

I love good deals! Congrats!!