Thursday, February 7, 2008

MI Stupid?

I love this new site (or at least new to me) that I found! It is called and it has all kinds of great tutorials on it. I don't know about you, but I learn things once and then tend to forget them later. :) I love, love, love easy references so that I can figure them out again. Most recently I have decided to enter my address book into Excel so that I can use it to create Mail Merge documents and print address labels etc. Anyway, they (of course) have an awesome tutorial to get you going on such a project.

I guess this is a part of my getting organized resolution. That and the going through our bookshelf, which I did today. Trimming the fat in the house by just a little. Hopefully I will continue to be motivated enough to look elsewhere as well. It isn't really in my nature, but I was watching Oprah today, and she had on the organization guru from Clean Sweep. Turns out he has a new book out called something like *Does This Mess Make my Butt Look Big?* His theory is that when you have a bunch of extra junk in your house and life, that you also carry extra junk around with you on your body. Something about a progression from "house, head, heart, hips". A little out there, maybe, but then again, maybe not. We have a pretty teeny house, so I could use to follow some of his advice. And if it helps in the quest for the slim down too, then I'm all for it.

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