Friday, February 8, 2008

Cloth Diapering

Oh the joys! :)


Keri said...

Was great to hear from I couldn't find your blog through Nikki's!
I just LOVE this picture! Nehemiah reminds me so much of Leif when he was little(er).
Just placed my order for cloth going with the pre-folds. Thanks so much for your advice/info and for the demonstration too!
Will keep our blog updated once our new bundle arrives...hoping to get back to PR again in the upcoming Thursdays! Maybe even this one if no baby!

felicitouschick said...

Yay for cloth AND prefolds! I hope they work out really well for you. :) For your sake, I hope you have your little joy before Thursday, but if not, I look forward to seeing you again soon! We're praying for you guys!