Monday, February 11, 2008


Good news: Nehemiah slept through the night really well last night!

In other news...the dog, did not. It wasn't really his fault, though it took us awhile to figure out what had him so riled up. Sometime after 1am, Maltby woke us up growling and barking. This is, thankfully, where Ben comes in. I may get up for the baby, but Ben makes Maltby his business. :) It took Ben some time to settle him down, and when he came back to bed, we realized that there was a pack of coyotes somewhere in the vicinity of the house. We could hear them yipping away.

About an hour and a half later, Maltby was at it again, and this time it was obvious that the coyotes had gotten considerably closer to our abode. I was holding my breath and praying that Nehemiah would sleep through it, which *yay* he did! Ben was back out with Maltby and I was completely awake! Those darn dawggies were loud!

I guess I can't say I was completely awake, because I started having those, I think I'm really awake and lucid, but I'm having really bizarre realizations moments. By the time Ben came back to bed from soothing the dog, I had cooked up a tale of our caucusing coyotes. I could see and hear it now...One caucus choosing either Bark Obama or Howllary; the other going for McCote or Scruffabee. It must have been a heavy debate because the noise continued for another hour easily. And there was not a full moon.

The best outcome? Ben turned the heat up to 68* in the house so that the heater would run without interruption and drown out the noise for Maltby, because he sleeps snuggled up next to it. It worked to keep him quiet, and I woke up to a toasty house!

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