Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl?

How 'bout Super Plate?! We had some friends over to watch the Giants whoop the Patriots--woohoo! And while they were here, we ate like royalty. :) We had tacos, chips with various dips, "Erin is Great" cake (or so they tell me), really yummy Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Chile Sour Cream Dip, and the yummy things the Normans brought; pickle roll-ups (the quintessential salty treat for football watching), and an amazingly decadent Chocolate Chip Cheesecake--the recipe for which Sarah has posted on her cooking blog. All in all, it was awesome. I love having people over, and the Normans are the best sort of people to enjoy an evening with--for all of us!

You should have seen their youngest Tate and Nehemiah at it. They were looking at each other and cracking up--with squeals intermixed for nearly 5 minutes. SO cute!

Anyway, it was a great time, AND the right team won!

I think the phrase Cheaters Never Prosper kind of sums up the outcome of this one folks!

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Susan said...

We watched the last bit of the Super Bowl yesterday, and Aaron's only comment was "Well, Erin will be happy - she hates New England." And I see he was right!! ;)