Friday, February 22, 2008

I could get used to that title!

We went to visit with Callie, Sarah and the rest of their fam this evening. I brought a little gift for the big was the new Handy Manny DVD that I won on a blog I read daily called Sarah's Dandelions. I haven't watched it, but I bet it is good...Wilmar Valderrama, or Fez, from That 70's Show voices Manny.

I can't remember how I found Sarah (the one that writes the blog--not the one with the new baby), but her blog is a great read for me. She is honest, humorous and full of grace, and she lives in the same neck of the woods as I do--not close enough to get together, but close enough to have experiences that I relate to. :)

Anyway, it was a blessing to win the DVD to share, and as we were leaving, Hunter said, "Baby Miah's Mommy?" Yes. "We get to keep this over the whole night, right?" You see, we have lent our friend's our Wii game of Pixar's Cars before, and it is always a tough one for Hunter to give back. When I told him that it was his and Tate's to keep forever, he looked up at me with the biggest eyes and cutest grin and said, "Oh thank you Baby Miah's Mommy!" It warmed my heart and made me realize that Baby Miah's Mommy is a name to wear with pride! :)

It was so good to see Sarah--she really went through it to have that precious little one! The things mamas do for their babies! I am really happy that they are all safe and sound now, and I am looking forward to helping out when I can. Nehemiah really loves Hunter and Tate, and I can't resist Callie. I always enjoy hanging out with Sarah, so it will be more fun than work to be with them.

Sorry I have not been blogging as frequently as normal...all is well, I have just been sorting like a mad woman! I have found that I have a mother lode of office supplies, labels, and crafty things from my teaching days-woohoo! I am down to the last boxes that I can find, and have been slightly disappointed, because some of my favorite teaching books have not produced themselves yet. I have scoured the garage for a missed box and haven't found THE ONE. Hopefully when we do the big garage clean out in the Spring, it will magically appear.

There's an update on our life, what about yours?

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