Monday, February 18, 2008

It's going to get worse before it gets better...

Currently describes the state of my living room. Why? You might ask. Because I am FINALLY going through my classroom. Yes, after a year and a half away from it, I have pulled down some of the boxes in the garage in a massive effort to organize what I had previously packed in a hurry!

I bought 10-18 gallon Christmas totes on clearance last week, and I hope much of it fits. I am going to put them on the bottom of the appropriately labeled stacks against our garage wall. This is because the cardboard boxes that currently occupy the space are getting soaked through when the snow melts off of my car in the garage. Something I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing before since I lived in warmer climates when I actually had a stall for my car and storage. :)

Anyway, I am praying that not much is ruined and trying to get it all organized in a week. About the time Ben can stand to have the house in ruins. His words, "finished or not, it's all back to the garage in a week." Well, I'm hoping for finished! Wish me luck!

...Now if I can only get to that other New Year's and fitness. ;)

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Sarah said...

Good luck with your project!! ps. you won!! come on over to my site to see!!