Sunday, February 24, 2008

The One

Yep...I found it. I know you are all excited for me! (For those of you who missed the post, I was searching for one last and vital box in the midst of my school stuff.) I have some really great teaching resources! It is exciting to rediscover all of my fun things--especially with teaching my own child (ren? someday) in mind. :)


And, I have finished the project, a day early, which is good, because my in-laws are coming tomorrow night for dinner. We are celebrating Ben's GOLDEN birthday a day early. Ben wanted to celebrate by roasting his own turkey. I offered to make him anything he wanted, but he likes to roast things, and when it's your big day, then you ought to do whatever puts a smile on your face.

It is great to have my project finished--if I hadn't stacked all the boxes up while it was dark, there would be a victory photo in this post. It's so pretty!

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