Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Wonders of Tater Tot Hot Dish

There is a thing here known as Tater tot hot dish. And I have to tell you, I am suspicious of anything known as "hot dish." Where I come from it is a casserole, and that sounds about 100x preferable to me. But it is the cornerstone of the pot luck where I live--which I have to say is one of my favorite events currently, because with a pot luck come two great things: food and fellowship!

We had such a meal this evening, and it was awesome. In honor of the occasion, some Tater tot hot dish found it's way on to my plate, and surprise--I liked it! (Don't tell Ben, he'll gloat, because he swore I'd get into it someday.) ;)

After the dinner, we ran to a friend's house to swap Wii secrets--highly clandestine! I could tell you, but it could get ugly.


brentandsarah said...

i love what you labled it under: cultural oddities. I myself am a "casserole" girl, but I've been in MN so long I only say casserole about half the time now. And only when I'm talking to someone familiar with them :) Do you say "katycorner" or kittycorner? That is another one of the cultural oddities up here. Its like they have their own language!

felicitouschick said...

Definitely a kittycorner girl, myself. Do they say katycorner up here? I hadn't noticed! Have you heard rubber binder instead of rubber band? That one confused me for awhile!

Sarah said...

After Josiah was born, I had several people drop off "hotdish" I would ask Tim what it was, and he would say "hotdish" I was all, ok? it's hot? but WHAT is it?
What could possibly be in a "dish" that is only described as hot? Like it doesn't matter what's actually in it.

That and,the breakfast, DINNER, Supper thing really get me. I call the last meal of the day dinner... everyone always thinks I'm talking about lunch, but I refuse to say supper.

I'm a rebel like that.

Peter said...

In addition to hot dish, I also became familiar with frog eye salad when I was in Minnesota. That was a surprising one for me - nothing amphibian about it, but there were marshmallows and tapioca. I surprised them back with shoo-fly pie (they thought that it might be chocolate, but it was molasses).

I don't know that rubber binder caught my attention when I was there. Here in Pittsburgh, rubber bands are commonly called gum bands.

Go figure.

felicitouschick said...

Yeah, the whole Breakfast, Dinner, Supper thing is SO bizarre for me. I am a lunch-dinner girl myself! And "hot dish"? How non-descript! It seems like something that would be on a sign in a cafeteria, you know, the one next to "mystery meat"! :P

Ooo! Shoo-fly pie-I knew what that is, but have never eaten it,I bet it is delicious. I have to say that I grew up loving Frog-eyed Salad, but the way my family made it was with these little pasta balls called Ancini de Pepe, not tapioca. I have wimped out on making it since I had 5 Cup Salad, because they taste similar and 5 Cup is way easier to make!