Monday, December 3, 2007

Frozo Baggins

The snow piled up at our house...nearly a foot, and in the next few days we could get 6 inches more--Whoa! We're not in Washington anymore, Toto!

My loving husband, Ben went out and shoveled our monster driveway with an ages old shovel that came with our house. We told 'em to knock the price down, and they said...what if we throw in the 40 year old snow shovel? SOLD! And that's about how it went down--ha!

Midway through shoveling, the dog got too cold and was begging to come in and lay in his well worn spot in front of the heater; at which point Ben dubbed him Frozo Baggins. I thought that was pretty clever, but then I married a clever guy!

Soon after Ben finished the shoveling, he came in cold and sore, and we went into town and bought one of those handy, dandy, new ergonomic snow shovels. Aren't we spiffy and progressive?! I am glad if it saves Ben from more pain. When we arrived home from our foray, Ben put up the Christmas lights on the porch! Yay! I am such a fan of lights, and I think when Nehemiah wakes up from his afternoon nap, that he will be entranced. Speaking of which, the creature is stirring, so I better wrap this up!

Snow? Check!

Christmas Light? Check!

Rockin' Christmas tunes? Check!

Stockings and mistletoe hung? Check!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


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