Thursday, December 6, 2007

Oh what a day!

Since Ben got his car back yesterday, we were going to return our inlaws' truck to them today. I knew I'd have to drive into town for this, so I went to my weekly Mothers and Children meeting. So fun! I love to see all of the great ladies and their sweet kiddos. After that, I picked Ben up after he dropped the truck off. We got home at about 1:00pm. Around 1:30, my mother-in-law (aka: the reinforcements) arrived to help me crank out those 30 invitations. We worked for 4 hours straight (except for small breaks to entertain Nehemiah), and we cranked all 30 of them out--hooray! What a feeling of accomplishment and relief!

Then Ben made tuna salad really quickly for dinner, we ate, and then ran off to our small group meeting. All in all it was a lovely day.

As I was putting Nehemiah to bed, Ben got a phone call from his brother. Turns out they are sending us snow tires for our anniversary present! Blessings from my "other family" abounded today, and I am grateful. God's provision and encouragement is a beautiful thing!

I write this glowing with love and exhausted from a busy day. I think it is about time to fall into bed!

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