Saturday, December 29, 2007


We're back! :) We are still almost entirely packed, but Nehemiah and I had a much needed day of rest (and Ben had a few hours too) after a LONG day of travel yesterday. It is not much fun to have a 4 hour delay on your flight with a non-napped baby and a 3 hour drive home from the airport in sight. Nehemiah was quite the trooper. He had some fussy moments, but overall, he was trying so hard to be his usual happy self. It helped that my dad waited with us and that my Aunt Mary drove over to hang out too- they were the silver lining in the cloud!

Our trip was phenomenal. We got to spend time with so many people that we know and love. Allow me to break it down for you...

December 19--we arrived! Nehemiah was amazing! He LOVED people and light watching in the airports, and God blessed us with a sweet seat mate named Dorothy. She is a well-traveled great grandma who was reassuring and patient. We got to Colorado and my parents greeted us and took us to their house. That was pretty much all for that day.
December 20--our family friends the Mazzettis came up to see us and celebrate Christmas. It was so good to see them and spend time playing games and catching up.
December 21--My mom and I did a little shopping in the morning (hooray!) and then we spent most of the rest of the day with John and Melissa (my brother and sister-in-law). We crafted our Christmas gifts for the rest of the family that evening, which was fun.
December 22--Our 4th Anniversary! Ben worked feverishly on finishing up his semester's assignments, and my mom, Nehemiah and I went to see our friends the McLaughlins and
their newest little one. After that, we came home and I got ready for our date! It was Ben and my first time out (just us) since Nehemiah was born--yay! We went to an amazing restaurant called the Twin Owls Steakhouse up in Estes Park with our best couple friends, John and Lisa. Ben had Elk and I had a Buffalo Steak with a Cranberry Green Chile sauce--it was all unique and tasty, and you can't beat the company! ;)
December 23--This was the big day as far as celebrating Christmas with my extended family. We drove a few hours down to Colorado Springs to see my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and great grandmother. We had yummy breakfast and dinner there and opened a boat load of gifts! We also spent some incredibly meaningful time with my great grandma (Nehemiah's great-great!). It was the first meeting between the 5 generations. My GG has just entered hospice care and was not doing well, but she was waiting for us and gathered up her strength to say a few words and play with the baby--what precious moments. They are moments I will treasure up in my heart for the rest of my life.
December 24--My Aunt Mary came up, and we hung out with her and
John and Mel. We went to Christmas Eve services at my parent's church all together. The ladies decorated a gingerbread house, and John, Mel, Ben, and I found out we had the same tradition when we exchanged pjs that night to wear the next day while opening Christmas gifts in the morning! The funniest part is that without trying, John and Ben got Mel and I the same pajamas. :)
December 25--Nehemiah's 1st Christmas!!! We got up and opened lots of fun presents! We hung out, ate, played games, and my Aunt Dawn and Dad hurt themselves trying to catch some wicked air while sledding! It
was a great day of family fun. My good friend April and her little girl, Lydia drove through a snowstorm to come up and visit from Colorado Springs in the evening. It is some major dedication to a friendship to drive through a blizzard with a one year old to spend Christmas night, and the next day (April's birthday no less) with your out of town friend from middle school. So sweet!
December 26--More shopping with April, Lydia and my mom. Then we went to the Olive Garden for an early dinner with them and John and Melissa before they left to visit Melissa's family for Christmas.
December 27--Additional shopping--can you tell I'm deprived where I live? ;) We got some really great deals on winter coats and clothes for Nehemiah as he continues to grow. We hit the outlet mall, and it was inspiring! We spent the rest of the day packing up and getting ready to go, and making sure Nehemiah got all of his naps in and got to bed on time. Then we watched The Nativity, which I highly recommend. What a fabulous way to remember the true meaning of the Christmas Season.
December 28--D-day, as in departure day--whoa, what a day, but I already explained that one.

Today--after getting home around midnight, we crashed into bed ASAP. This morning we woke up and Ben went to get one ELATED Maltby dog! I haven't seen that tail wag so fast and frequently in awhile! :) I lazed around trying to fight off a headache and recuperate from all of the excitement of our trip while Ben worked on various projects including shoveling out our driveway. We watched some pretty flurries come down, and researched refurbished iPods and other MP3 players for possible purchase with some of our Christmas money.

Consider yourself caught up! More tomorrow--Deo Volente (Lord willing)!

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