Saturday, December 1, 2007

Welcome to the Wonderful World of us!

So, this is my first blog ever. And here is why I am doing it...

- I moved from living in bigger cities for my whole life out to the middle of nowhere (crazy, I know, and it takes some adjustment)!
I crave interaction--with family and friends, old and new. I'm an extrovert living in an introvert's paradise...thank you internet for helping out with that one!

- I need to reflect and report on life--I think it has always been that way. From the time I was little, my parents called me "Lois Lane," I would literally make them chase ambulances to get the scoop! Now I love trying out new products and services and reporting--or finding weirdo facts and airing them.

- I had our first little firecracker on the 4th of July! Nehemiah and all future children might like to see what was going on during the whirlwind that is a young family!

In a soon to come blog, I am attempting to post some slideshows I made the other day on a really fun site. Hopefully it works out, and if you want to give it a shot, then visit animoto by clicking here: Visit Animoto :)

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sarahl82 said...

thanks for sharing your beautiful family and your transparency about what God is up to in your life! Love,S