Tuesday, December 4, 2007


That's about my least favorite feeling in the world. The one of being stuck. My tires have worn too thin for good snow driving and on the way home from Nehemiah's check-up, I got stuck trying to chip the ice off of my frozen windshield wiper blades. Uugh! I was eventually able to kick enough snow away from the tires that I could continue on my way, only to get stuck again in my driveway. I guess I won't be going anywhere for awhile.

It is funny how perspectives shift. When Ben is off of work and at home, it is a hibernation day. When he is away and I can't get out, it is stuck. Oh well! The life of an extrovert.

I have been looking around on www.etsy.com today at all of the fun baby stuff, trying to get some ideas for some baby gifts I can make for the many upcoming showers and celebrations of my pregnant friends! I have ideas; now I need to figure out the sewing part, and find some fun supplies! :)

Oh dear, I always seem to start these just as Nehemiah is waking up from his nap--better run! I'll try to write more tonight!


brentandsarah said...

I can sypathize with getting stuck. I myself got stuck this morning at the end of my driveway coming home to get my library card that I forgot to bring to the library with me. I was stuck for about 20 mins. but it felt like forever and I wanted to punch something and swear! I didn't. I won't be gonig anywhere either, so I'll think of you!

Sarah :)

Zoe said...


I'm so glad you're doing this--- it'll be a great way to stay plugged in to what's going on with you. Maybe you'll even give me the courage to do something similar for myself (albeit with a less interesting cast of characters :)). Much love and a wish for a snowplow to you and yours,