Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spray Whip

When your day ends with a great big mug of Peppermint Drinking Chocolate and spray whipped cream, count yourself blessed, especially if you get to sip it curled up next to your loving husband who made it for you in the first place.

It was one of those days where pretty much everything went right. During Nehemiah's morning nap, I got the house cleaned. Then Ben came home from work early, and we got the snow tires for my car. I noticed an immediate difference in the stability factor of my car. How nice to feel confident on the roads again-yay! And, during Nehemiah's afternoon nap, I was able to address, stamp, and decorate all of the envelopes for the baby shower invitations, so that I can send them out tomorrow. I got Nehemiah up from his afternoon nap, and walked out of the nursery to find Ben making dinner. Then he watched Nehemiah so that I could catch a nice hot shower.
Ben told me he decided that he doesn't have to go into work tomorrow after all, which means we can hang out and do something fun. When I got out of the shower, Nehemiah was in a playful mood, and then went down to bed without a hitch. Then, post- bedtime routine, the cocoa occurred. It is from a time in our lives we refer to as the "Age of Decadence." We didn't realize it at the time, but we had quite a bit of disposable income (comparably). That drinking chocolate is something I have saved for special occasions, because Ben got it as a stocking stuffer for me when he was in the army. It is Williams Sonoma, and about $20 for an 8 serving package. It is literally fine shavings of dark peppermint flavored chocolate that you melt into milk to drink. Yowza!

Yeah, so life pretty much rocked today. And, I must say this is one good reason for writing a blog; until I wrote it out, I didn't realize quite how much Ben did for me today. What a reason to smile and give him a great big kiss!

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Peter said...

Dang it Ben, you know my wife reads this every day, don't you? This kind of behavior just sets the bar higher for the Frank boys.