Sunday, December 2, 2007


My poor little guy has his first cold. I never realized how miserable that is. I was listening to him snuffle through the monitor last night while I fell asleep. And then, a miracle, he figured out how to breathe through his mouth! The smallest things in life can be such great victories when it is the first time.

The munchkin woke me up to nurse him at about 4:15 this morning--not too bad considering he conked out around 8 last night. I woke up and stumbled into the nursery, more than half asleep, and as I watched my son, my mind started waking up. And what was I thinking about? I would love to say it was something profound, though maybe this blog will turn into that, but really I was excited to get back on my computer and write! I haven't been much of a journaler, but maybe this is a turn-around. I have always been told that it is good for your mental health, and with all of the everyday stress of life, I think that anything I can do to encourage sanity ought to be done! hee hee All this to say that 4:30 a.m. is not the ideal time to get the computer back up and running, so I told myself to breathe, and that it could wait until morning. I went back to bed, and it felt like I was waiting for Christmas morning. So, here I am, the baby is down for his morning nap, and I am typing away.

The snow is piling up outside of our little house. I do love snow. It just makes the world feel like Christmas. We are having a Hibernation day at my house--partly because it is so stinkin' cold, and partly because we haven't been plowed out yet! One of the joys of living in the middle of nowhere is that you learn patience and have enforced relaxation on snowy days. No church for us this morning--though I'm sure we'll start our advent celebration tonight. That reminds me...I better get to finishing the Christmas decorating while Nehemiah is napping!

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