Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Disappointed Fantasies

Back in August my brother sent out an invitation for Ben and I to join the family Fantasy Football league. I was all about it! I carefully chose my team, and in the beginning I was doing REALLY well. I mean, I was leading the league! BUT, then, my team went through a hard time; riddled with injuries, we limped along. And adding insult to injury, because I had done so well early on, my record kept me from picking up the players I wanted to replace my injured guys. Between that and Peyton Manning's mid season slump, my hopes for the total annihilation of my competitors were dashed. I went into the first round of the play-offs and was quickly and forcefully eliminated, by, get this, my 8 year old cousin--OUCH! Ah well, maybe next year I'll do better, and Ben is still in the hunt for the trophy, so I'll hitch my horse to his wagon and ride it out. ;)

I knew that with all of the snow the chances of getting out of the house today were slim. I decided it would be a good day to work on the invitations I'd promised to make for a friend's baby shower. I'm not sure why the number 15 stuck in my head, but it turned out, after a quick call to check the guest list, that nearly 30 are required, and soon-yikes! So today I spent a good deal of my time cutting out 120 hearts, 30 rainbows, umbrella tops and handles, and I'm getting ready to punch millions of little hearts to use for raindrops. I also formatted, printed, and trimmed the inside details, and the cardstock and ribbon embellishments. Who knew it was so much to do? I surely didn't, since this is really my first project on this scale, flying solo. I mean I did 50 baby announcements, but a dear friend helped out, and I accomplished that project over several weeks.

Shortly after Ben got home we got a call from our Auto Repair shop. We were worried that the necessary repairs on his Golf were going to be expensive enough that we ought to look into buying a used minivan. The total damage was less than $300 for now--Hallelujah! I know we are delaying the inevitable, but it is a nice reprieve.

The call meant that I had to face my fears and get out on the roads, and down with my bald tires! It is harrowing for me after my brawl
earlier this year with an outbuilding that my car charged into after sliding out on our dirt road. Silly, Wendy--outbuildings are to park inside of not in the side of! We poked along at a whopping 30 miles an hour. I felt so bad for the people stuck behind me! I know what it is like to get stuck behind a slow poke on the winding--no passing zone--two lane roads around our house. It can make you 20 minutes late to wherever you are going-no joke! I wanted so badly to pull off to the side and let them pass, but I knew that if I did that, I'd get stuck and have to wait for Ben to come find me and the baby and haul us out of our mess. Not an option with a wailing baby--past his feeding time. :) So, I poked along sheepishly, and hoped that no one behind me would recognize me! ;)

When we got home, my frazzled nerves were greeted with a package! Yay! I LOVE packages--even when I am expecting them. This happened to be my recent order from our favorite cloth diapering website: They had a sale at the end of last month, and I stocked up on the next size of diapers and covers, and ordered some fun new things to try. I got 2 doublers--these things you stick in diapers at night to help them absorb more, 2 bamboo velour nursing pads to try out, a pair of babylegs that are stars and stripes to keep Nehemiah warm under his pants, and a Moby wrap. This Moby wrap gizmo is awesome! I got it because I wanted to have a good way to carry Nehemiah when we head on our marathon day of driving and flying to see my family for Christmas. There are a ton of different ways to wear it, and it adjusts to pretty much any size baby. The best part is that it goes over both of your shoulders to distribute the weight better. I put Nehemiah in it right away. We tried 2 different poses, and this thing is fabulous! Nehemiah was not fussy, and he did some bobbing and weaving, and it held well. I'm excited to use it. We went outside to the car to get my cell phone, and I wore Ben's coat zipped around us both. Pretty funny stuff.

Anyway, I should probably get back to finishing the cutting for those invitations. Maybe when they're done I'll give you a peek at my handiwork!


Peter said...

Fun weblog! We actually have a few inches of snow here at the moment (which is weird for early December). It will pass, of course.

Zoe said...

You're doing baby shower invites, I'm doing calligraphy for my company's Christmas cards. Good luck with your projects!