Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shout out!

Hey to those of you who live close enough to come lend a hand (and are so inclined). :) I am embarking on a few projects for Nehemiah's first birthday. If you'd like to come craft with me, then I have oodles of invitations to make (already's mostly paper piecing), and a birthday banner that I would like to give a shot. I am still sorting through all of my ideas for how I would like that to look in my head. I know that there will be individual flags with a letter per each spelling out,"HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEHEMIAH," so it will be a lot of work regardless of how I decide to do it. :) I do have all of the supplies though, and would certainly be up for the help if anyone is interested. :)



Anonymous said...

when do you need someone? I can help later in the week! I have some stuff going on at work and I have a doctors appointment. But let me know when, I'm sure I can get cheryl in on the fun too!

Susan said...

I'm totally in. I believe I have Wednesday off. Woohoo!