Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthday Projects--Take 2

Here is one of the reasons I have been woefully slow in posting these days!

My friend Susan and I cut out all of the little pennants; I free-handed (backwards!) and cut out all of the letters with pinking shears. Then I used Heat-N-Bond Lite to iron the letters onto the pennants (though it was obviously a 1st effort, because I now need a new ironing board cover--the stuff was a little messy--a great idea to keep the letter fabric from stretching, and to avoid pinning, but somehow, I just didn't get it quite right.) Then this afternoon, my mother-in-law, who shall heretofore be known as Sew Like the Wind came over to help me appliqué around the letters and sew the pennant backs and fronts together. Then I pinked around all of the pennants, while Sew Like the Wind made bias tape--or rather unbiased tape--since we didn't need it to go around curves (hee hee...unbiased tape!). She just put the fabric through the bias tape maker and pressed it flat without cutting on the bias (which uses a ton of fabric!). Then Sew Like the Wind stitched the pennants to the tape while I kept the now-awake-from-his-nap-birthday-boy occupied. These projects are always a little more involved for a beginner than I think they will be, but I LOVE the results! We'll be hanging it outside on the big day, so we'll have more room to stretch it out in all of it's glory!

Wondering where I got the idea?

Check out: The DIY network and the tutorial at Sew Mommy Sew (such a fun site by the way!)

Also, want to know more about bias tape? Check out this tutorial on how to use it from angry chicken.

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Susan said...

Lookin' pretty festive there! We can't wait for next Friday :)